Fred Weber, Inc.

FredWeberFred Weber, Inc. is the St. Louis area's premier industry leader in heavy and highway construction projects and the region's largest materials supplier, specializing in full-service concrete and asphalt-paving projects. 

Business Challenge 

Fred Weber was dealing with the need to replenish its aging workforce. New managers were eager to step in and fill the roles of their predecessors, but few of them possessed the training or skills necessary to manage effectively. 


Dale Carnegie's Leadership Training for Managers offered the right balance of team-building, principles-based learning and practical skills development that helped the company achieve a unified managerial vision. Individuals from across the company were placed in an environment where they were forced to communicate and learn from one another. 


Through the training with Dale Carnegie Fred Weber has discovered that effective leadership is not about managing as much as it is encouraging an atmosphere of innovation in which employees feel valued and can succeed. New innovation projects, not previously considered, revealed opportunities for revenue streams, one of which resulted in cost savings of over $2 million.